Flower Arranging For Dummies

So, everyone once in awhile I get to enjoy DIY activities without power tools, fasteners and measuring tapes. Each week, I have a bucket of beautiful flowers delivered to my building in a large bundle. At some point during the day, I also received an email directing me to a series of videos from the folks who launched Petals for the People, instructing me how to take the bundle of flowers and turn it into two, three or four arrangements for my home. (I might have actually gotten five out of it tonight having not followed the directions very well!)
Anyway, if you’re like me and have always wondered how to make your own fancy, funky or just plain colorful vases of posies, I recommend signing up for the service. (There’s a promotion now to celebrate their launch.) I think I might just figure out how to incorporate things from the hardware store like buckets, PVC and toothbrush holders!
This is what it looks like when I lay it out after delivery:


 And here’s a final arrangement. Pretty cool! 


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