Saving the world one showerhead at a time.


A low-flow showerhead saves water--and maybe even your relationship.

Our friends at Food & Water Watch, who love water, food and hardware stores–in equal parts presumably–stopped by Logan Hardware the other day in pursuit of a low-flow showerhead (shown above).  See, it’s the current mission of one Alex Patton, the foundation officer of the organization, to see just how much water he can save à la this guy. We know he’s serious because he filmed the adventure with policy analyst, Ben Bowman, along with a rather vocal cat and his doting squeeze.

While Alex discovered he actually already had a low-flow showerhead (who knew DC rental housing was so progressive?), he did the only thing a man with an extra showerhead could do–he installed it in his girlfriend’s shower. Chivalry is not dead! And we, of course, love that he shopped locally in his effort to essentially save the planet by using less water.

Saving water is an important part of the greater equation of using less. Low-flow showerheads are the perfect place to start, as is checking faucets for drips. To monitor water usage (along with other utilities), sign up for Earth Aid’s utility management program, which rewards participants for lowering energy and H2O consumption at home.

Alex’s video if you don’t want to link away from us (we don’t blame you):


One response to “Saving the world one showerhead at a time.

  1. Changing a showerhead is so easy, I take mine with me whenever I move. I’ve never needed that tape before, I wonder if it makes removal more difficult? Good job saving the planet!

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