Personal Cup O' Joe anyone?

The Keurig B60. It might rock your coffee-drinking world.

Sample coffee and tea from the Keurig one-cup coffee makers at 5th Street Ace and Tenleytown Ace. And if you do happen to purchase one for yourself (available at all of our stores!), setting it up is super easy. Here’s how we did it:

1: Take the Keurig out of the box and set it in an easy-to-access spot in your kitchen. Plug it in.

Just out of the box.

2. Rinse out the water reservoir and replace full of filtered water.

Lauren reattaches the water reservoir.

3. Press the power button and wait for the prompt to tell you when the water is heated (about 4 minutes) and ready to brew.

Ready to brew now!

4. For the first cup, place mug on drip tray and press the small mug button for a quick water run through. Now you’re ready to brew a cup of coffee or tea. Put K-Cup pack in the K-Cup holder, mug on the drip tray and press button for the cup size you would like (small cup-5.25 oz., small mug-7.25 oz., large mug-9.25 oz.).

Ready to go!

5. Wait a minute for your coffee to brew.


6. Enjoy!

Lauren enjoys a steaming cup of tea.

Clean up: Toss out the empty K-Cup.

See that hole in the middle? The K-Cup is empty.


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