Battery & Bulb Recycling

Recycle dead rechargeable batteries, CFLs and mercury thermostats at our stores.

We’ll take your hazardous waste off your hands. Just drop off your dead rechargeable batteries, CFL bulbs and mercury thermostats to any of our locations. That’s all. No strings attached.

Rechargeable batteries: The addition of heavy metals and other toxic chemicals in some rechargeable batteries leads to topsoil contamination and water pollution. (Alkaline and lithium batteries are not toxic and can go straight in the trash.)

CFLs: Awesome at energy savings, but these babies contain mercury. Mercury=poison=bad.

Mercury-Switch Thermostats:See above. Our program allows us to accept intact mercury thermostats (we can’t take units that are leaking mercury). Also, stores can only accept thermostats and not any other product that contains mercury.


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