We So Handy

During Snowmageddon 2010: Part I, we ran out of shovels. (You can’t blame us. When does DC Metro ever get more than 3 inches at a time?)  Our buyer, Robbie, hastily ordered more, and Jeremy, the manager at 5th Street Ace, decided to try his hand at making one himself. In between answering frantic phones and calming frenzied customers, he cobbled together a prototype that, we have to admit, is pretty awesome. We, of course, filmed the project and set it to music. It’s fun. It’s silly. And it’s a good indication of just how handy our staff is.

[Yes, we’re a little late getting this movie together (four months to be exact), but perfection takes time.]


2 responses to “We So Handy

  1. hola
    i’m so glad that i saw this website. that post was so great. thanks again i added the rss on this page.
    are you going to post similar posts?

  2. Hi Gewinne,

    Yep! We’ll be posting another later this week. We have more How To videos on the blog and our YouTube channel (acehardwaredc). Glad you like it!

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