Dog’s Best Friend: Crazy Critters

A Few Cool Hardware Stores’ buyer Robbie adopted Otis, an adorable Beagle-Basset, this past winter. Not quite crate trained and not too happy to be alone for the day, Otis took out his frustration in many ways, including destroying anything plush in about two seconds–and then losing interest.

One day, Robbie came home to this:

Otis loves his stuffing.

Look ma! No hands!

Then Robbie came across the Crazy Critter Fox — yup, that “As Seen on TV” toy with no stuffing. That meant no mess, and two squeakers meant twice the fun of typical plush dog toys.

But what did Otis think?

otis with fox

Otis hearts Fox.

Several months later, Otis is still carrying around his fox on a daily basis! And he’s gone from being in the crate during the day to lounging around like this:

otis on bed with fox

Besties forever.

And that is a much better scene to come home to!

The Crazy Critter Fox (SKU 6194401) and the Crazy Critter Raccoon (SKU 6194419) are available for $9.99.

We clearly like dogs as much as we like humans, so bring your pooch on over for a free dog treat and to check our entire pet section.

ace mardi gras

Gratuitous Ace plug.


2 responses to “Dog’s Best Friend: Crazy Critters

  1. where can i get one? 🙂

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