Canning 101

canning setting

Tools you’ll need:

  • Amazingly Fresh Produce
  • Mason Jars (sterilized)
  • Tongs
  • Towels
  • Wooden skewer
  • Wire rack
  • Pot lifter

We like this site for information on canning both high- and low-acid foods. (There are step-by-step tutorials and a downloadable PDF.

Important hints:

1. Make sure all of your jars, lids and bands work properly.

2. Sterilize your equipment

3. Read through your recipe first and  follow the recipe exactly (don’t change boiling times!)


6 responses to “Canning 101

  1. I am about to buy a starter kit and give home canning a shot!

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  3. Green beans can’t be canned in a water bath unless you’re making pickles with lots of vinegar. Beans in water need to be pressure canned.

    Not every product uses the 1/4 inch headspace you mention here. Some things like tomatoes and corn need a generous inch at least so they don’t expand too much during processing.

    Not every product in a boiling water bath is done in 10 minutes. Some boil for 45 minutes or longer, depending on what you are canning.

    Be careful with this advice.

  4. I tried canning for the first time this year! Got some delicious peaches at the farmers market, and the folks at 5th St Ace hooked me up with canning jars. It was a lot easier than I thought – and now I’m gonna have delicious peaches all winter long 🙂

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