Free Smoke Alarm Batteries

ace 9-volt battery

Get one of these free when you turn in your old smoke alarm battery.

To do our bit during National Fire Prevention Week, we’ll give you a free 9-volt battery when you turn in your old smoke alarm battery at any of our stores.*

Why change your smoke alarm battery?

According to the National Fire Prevention Association (, in more than half of the reported home fires in which smoke alarms were present but did not operate, batteries were either missing or disconnected.

While you’re changing the battery and testing your smoke-alarm this month, there are some other things you can do in preparation for the winter season when incidences of home fires tend to increase:

  • Test (or buy) fire extinguishers
  • Inspect plugs and wires for damage
  • Map out and practice a home-evacuation route.

Be safe. Be well.

*Offer is good today through 10/9/10, applies to the battery shown above (sku: 32116), 3 per person, no purchase necessary.


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