Mercury Thermostat Recycling Here!

mercury thermostat

Don't throw mercury thermostats away. Recycle with us.

We’ve partnered with Covanta Energy to expand our recycling program to include mercury-switch thermostats. Just drop off your old mercury thermostat at any store location at no charge. That’s all.  We’ll take care of the rest. (Meaning we’ll ship the mercury materials to Thermostat Recycling Corporation for proper disposal.)

A couple things:

1. Thermostats turned in for recycling should be intact (thermostats leaking mercury aren’t accepted).

2. We can only accept mercury thermostats and not any other product that contains mercury.

Reason to recycle mercury thermostats: Mercury is a heavy metal that  presents a health hazard to humans and animals both through immediate contact but also when not disposed of properly and subsequently released into an ecosystem. Mercury has been almost completely removed from the trash, but is still found in some items, such as thermostats.



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