Sale this weekend! Just like playing the lotto.

scratch and save sale We love this sale because it’s a game, too! Grab a Scratch & Save ticket at the register, scratch the little gold sunflower and see what you save.  You will pretty much win something (unlike Vegas and AC where the house always wins):

10% off: 1 in 1.2
20% off: 1 in 7
30% off: 1 in 59
50% off: 1 in 500
100% off: 1 in 1,000  (max of $500)

Some limitations – the usual ones:
1. Gotta scratch off the card at the checkout and the discount only applies  to what you have already brought to the register. No going backsies to fill up your cart.
2. You can abandon all or part of your purchase after you reveal your discount.
3. Discount applies to regular-price in-stock merchandise.
4. Discount does NOT apply to online, phone or special orders, rentals, services & gift cards.
5. Can’t be used in conjunction with any other offer or sale.
6. Limit: 1 per person/per day


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