Culantro: A hearty cilantro substitute that doesn’t die.


Culantro (Ergyngium foetidum) leaves stand up to the grow test. Meaning it doesn't die three hours after planting.

Let’s face it, growing cilantro is a pain in the %$&#. Know what I’m saying? Before you can say tortilla, that sucker has gone to seed and burned up in the sun.

It’s devastating to have your entire taco feast ready — all you need is that last sprinkle of freshly cut cilantro chopped in small pieces to bring out the flavor —  and you walk up to your roof deck, scissors in hand only to find saggy, brown leaves.

Solution: Mexican cilantro or culantro. It looks different. It’s almost  a succulent with long leaves and serrated edges. And the flavor is stronger, which, in our book of cilantro love and dedication, is A-OK.

We like this blog post about it and a recipe for sofrito. Olé!

Call your neighborhood Ace to ensure it’s in stock!


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