Ink Catridge Refilling

Ink-O-Dem Machine Image

This baby refills ink cartridges.

New service alert!

We can refill empty printer ink cartridges at Tenleytown Ace and Old Takoma Ace with our new Ink-O-Dem machines.

We love this service because it’s so convenient (get your TP and an ink refill at the same time) and it’s good for the earth, what with the whole recycling thing.

Prices (Save up to 50% over buying new cartridges!)
Black: $9.99
Color: $14.99

Ink-O-Dem refills most cartridges. (See list.)

ink refill pic

Click here for a list of models we can refill.

We’re refilling ink cartridges for free during this special promo week. Some things:

  • 1 cartridge per person.
  • You may have to leave your cartridge overnight (it only takes a few minutes but we’re anticipating a lot of interest), and we can work with most but not all ink cartridges (see model list here).
  • If your ink cartridge doesn’t pass the electrical test, we won’t be able to fill it, but we do sell new cartridges so you can start over.
  • We’ll recycle your old cartridges no matter what.

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  1. After I open up your Rss feed it seems to be a lot of garbage, is the issue on my side?

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