Ink Catridge Care Tips

hp-60-printer cartridge

Easy tips can squeezing out the most from your ink cartridges.

Yes it really does matter how you treat your ink cartridges.  Some tips from the Inkjet Refilling pros at Ink-O-Dem:

1. When you see the quality of printing begin to deteriorate it’s time to  refill your cartridge. Never let a cartridge run out of ink completely.
Cartridges are liquid cooled and the ink serves as the coolant.

2.  Refill your cartridge within one week after removing it from your printer to preserve cartridge condition.

3. Always store cartridges at room temperature.

4. Keep color cartridges in an upright position. (Nozzle side DOWN) Colors will cross contaminate if left on their side.

5. After installing a refilled cartridge, print at least 2 test pages to “settle” the new cartridge.

6. If you see a low ink warning after inserting your refilled cartridge, you will need to select O.K. to continue printing or turn-off the low ink  warning.

Printer friendly version: catridge care


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