5 Fall Yard Tips

It’s fall as of last week. Man summer just blew by, right? And while the temps are still kinda summer-ish with the heat and humidity still clinging on for dear life, the weather will turn. And soon.

Fall means lots of things: sweaters (well maybe not this second), apple picking and yard work! It’s time to get your lawn and garden in order so it’s ready for spring blooms in a few months. An action plan to get you started.

  1. Aerate. Soil get’s compacted and the process of aerating your lawn opens it up allowing essential nutrients to better penetrate the roots of grass.
  2. Fertilize: In the fall, 75 percent of a lawn’s growth is in roots. So you’ll need a high phosphorus fertilizer to promote strong root growth.
  3. Mow: Disease and fungus like the top part of blade so for your final mow, bring your mower blade down to 1.5 – 2 inches to reduce the chance of fungus.
  4. Rake: Leaves deprive grass of the sun, air, water, and nutrients, and allows your lawn to become a breeding ground for fungi and insects.
  5. Plant bulbs. Now is the time to get those bulbs in the ground for spring blooms! Daffodil bulbs are a foolproof bet because they are immune to bugs and deer. Plant bulbs in the ground about 2.5 to 3 times depth of the bulb and cover with soil.

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