Product We Love: Craftsman LED Work Light

craftsman LED work light

This workerbee light is on sale for $19.99 (40% off!) through December.

The Craftsman LED work light might look a bit on the industrial side (that or perhaps you could slay Darth Vader with it), but you don’t have to be a professional contractor to enjoy its many uses. It’s great for:

1. Working under the hood. Car maintenance suddenly got a whole lot easier. The swivel hook on top and magnet make it hands free.

2. Camping. When fully charged, the LEDs give off some serious spotlighting. Car charger included.

3. Black outs. There’s the distinct possibility of losing power this winter. Be ready for it. We recommend one for each occupant in the home.

4. Cleaning out the closet. How far back into the recesses of your closet does your junk go? This device will illuminate every piece of clutter.

Stocking stuffer? Yes please.

2 responses to “Product We Love: Craftsman LED Work Light

  1. Well, Good.
    How long will it be last when charged

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