5 Decluttering Tips for January Resolutions

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1. Purge

Ger rid of that junk. Purge baby, purge. Go through closets, drawers and shelves to get rid of everything you don’t need. Not sure: If you haven’t used/worn it in three months, it’s time to give it the old heave ho. Give to charity, pass on to friends or family or someone at freecycle,  or sell on eBay or

2. Add storage solutions

You’ll want some kind of storage for every room. Invest in bookshelves and try out floating shelves for trinkets. Decorative baskets and trays are perfect for kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom storage.

3. Invest in double-duty furniture

Think coffee tables with storage inside. Or beds with storage underneath. You get the picture. Any piece of furniture that allows you to stow away toys, throw blankets, pillow–all of your essential clutter.

4. Use wall space

Hooks are your go-to when it comes to storage climbing up your walls. You can hang chairs, laundry bags, coats, even plastic tubs for recycling or hat and scarf storage. 3M makes adhesive hooks that don’t require drilling and that can hold up to 5 pounds. (The company has some creative ideas on how to use them here.)

5. Commit to being organized

Instead of letting your clutter pile up and drowning in your mess, be consistent with your organization. Do a little bit every day. Actually use your storage solution and rid yourself of what you don’t use. Time yourself – 10 minutes each day. And next year you can concentrate on another resolution!

DID YOU KNOW: There is a link between clearing clutter and losing weight. Two resolutions. One stone.

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