Fun Things to do w/ Duck Tape

Fixing things with Duck Tape is so 1982. Yes, you can totally go MacGyver with the old silver style, but with so many bold colors and designs, this formerly functional adhesive has gone practically couture.

Kim at our Glover Park location went bold and a little wild with her countertop re-do in zebra print Duck Tape ($6.99). If we knew what kind of sound zebras made, we’d make it!

No laminate required. Just press down firmly and go over with the edge of a credit card so you don’t get snags. Straight lines = ruler.

Mix it up with a varied design.

Yellow walls are a bold complement (that’s Pratt & Lambert 12-7 Sutter’s Gold). And we love the floral arrangement – it’s a lovely juxtaposition to the geometric animal print.

Duck Tape also comes in leopard, camo, pink zebra, paint splash, fire, dragon and skull designs, as well as bold solid colors.


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