Make Your Own Terrarium

Courtney at our Waverly store, loves a dainty terrarium. Her tips for making one of your own. You can pick up all the ingredients at our stores.

Step 1: Choose a container. Any clear container will work, like a vase, aquarium, or Mason jar.

Step 2: Add first layer of coarse sand or pebbles. This bottom layer allows for good water drainage.

Step 3: Add second layer of activated charcoal or carbon. Charcoal filters the air in the terrarium and assists with gas exchange. It can be found at any aquarium supply store. A must with closed containers, but can be skipped with open containers.

Step 4: Add third layer of spaghnum moss. Moss allows water to move through the terrarium but prevents soil from falling to the bottom. A very fine screen would also work but needs to be replaced once rusted.

Step 5: Add soil. Regular potting soil will do, but quick draining soil used for cacti or palms works best. Good drainage is key to happy plants! Try Miracle Gro Garden Soil For Palm, Cactus and Citrus Trees.

Step 6: Add plants. Place the plants so they are set in the soil. Cover any exposed roots with soil. Succulents, moss, mushrooms, air plants, cacti, and many other varieties of plants do well in terrariums. You could even collect moss from outside for decoration!

Step 7: Decorate. Personalize your terrarium by adding rocks, gems, figurines, or anything else that brings joy and happiness to you!

Step 8: Enjoy your terrarium! Allow soil to dry between watering.


4 responses to “Make Your Own Terrarium

  1. Putting this on my rainy day to do list!

  2. Love this! I re-posted the picture on my blog!

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