Free Carpet Cleaning Rental in February

Get a jump on spring cleaning this month with a thorough carpet cleaning. We’re offering free rentals of HOST [The Dry Cleaning Machine] with a purchase of a HOST cleaner*. The best part: You’ll be back using your room with a clean carpet right away. Other reasons to love HOST:

  • Green Seal™ certified dry extraction cleaners
  • Water-based and same pH as skin
  • Certified BioPreferred℠ by USDA – 100% biobased
  • No wet surfaces = control of microbial growth and reduces slip & fall accidents
  • Removes mold, dust mites, cat dander and other allergens
    Made in EPA-registered facility
  • No dry time = energy and money saved
  • No water heating = energy saved
  • Reduces chemical use
  • Non-marring machine surfaces
  • Keeps carpet on the floor instead of in the landfill
  • No other “green” cleaning chemistry has recycled content

*Offer applies to same-day and overnight rentals and the following cleaners: 2.5 lbs (1309764), 6 lbs (1309749), 12 lbs (1309731), Kit (1309756. Due to high demand, we cannot reserve rentals. Customer still pays refundable $10 deposit and late fees if applicable. Store locations.


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