Starting Seeds: A Primer

Ever eat a fruit or vegetable that you grew from seed? We promise, it will be the best you ever tasted and well worth the effort of coaxing seeds into starter plants. There are a few steps to starting your garden from seed, but it’s not complicated. Kindness and tenderness are virtues when growing plants, though seeds are tougher than you might think. Remember that, in gardens, life prevails! Some tips to get you started:

1. Store seeds properly. Keep them in a cool, dark location with low humidity, like a refrigerator.

2. Use wide, flat containers to avoid overcrowding.

3. Pack soil and seed mix lightly with your fingers once planted.

4. Prevent disease by providing air flow and drainage.

5. For moisture control, cover container tops with plastic wrap during germination.

6. Keep seeds warm and in a sunny place. Turn seeds a quarter turn each day to prevent the seedlings from overreaching toward the light.

7. Feed well with fertilizer.

8. Acclimate to direct sunlight before transplanting.

Stop by one of our stores to talk to our garden experts about the supplies you’ll need for embarking on this rewarding DIY project!

Need more info on lawn and garden care? Hey look, here’s some more.


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