Coming Soon! Woodley Park Ace Hardware

We were totally excited to tell you about signing the lease for Canton Ace a month ago, so you can only imagine how pumped we are to be announcing yet another store opening. This time in Washington, DC’s Woodley Park ‘hood. Woodley Park Ace Hardware will be in the old CVS storefront next to the metro (the new CVS has re-opened on the corner of CT Ave and Calvert). We’re looking to open the doors mid-August in November, and seeing as how that’s right around the corner, you need to know about our Founding Member program. Here’s what it’s all about:

Founding Members Benefits:

  • Input into the products we’ll carry, as well special programs and workshops you’d like to see take place.
  • Insider updates as the store build-out progresses.
  • Monthly coupons to use when the store opens.
  • An invitation to the [private] Grand Opening reception.

Once the new store opens, we’ll add your email to our regular newsletter distribution list and encourage you to sign up for Ace Rewards, which allows you to earn points based on your purchases, which, in turn, entitle you to amazing deals. (Side benefit: Through Ace Rewards, you are automatically registered in our key-return program. So, if you happen to lose your keys with your Ace Rewards tag attached to it, the keys will be sent postage-guaranteed to Ace’s corporate offices. After they are received, Ace will send your keys to your home address. Pretty cool, huh?)

To sign up to be a Founding Member at Woodley Park Ace, please send an email to with your name and email address in the body of the email. We look forward to seeing you soon!


One response to “Coming Soon! Woodley Park Ace Hardware

  1. Stephen Van Eynde

    Cleaver & cute!

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