Quick and Easy Tricks for Remodeling your Bathroom

Want to redo your bathroom but can’t afford the time or money it takes? Here are some tricks to give your bathroom a facelift on a budget!

1. Go Tall– Replace your busy wallpaper with a calm paint color, and replace those big long mirrors with two taller ones to give the room some extra height. Try trading your short shower curtain for one that is longer to fill the space more effectively.

2. Design over Dollars– Before you knock down any walls to expand your powder room, try having the right accessories and decluttering your floors and countertops. It makes a world of difference in any bathroom, especially those in small apartments!

3. Replace your largest fixture with something more streamline. Sure, it’s great to have those gigantic countertops, but a freestanding sink saves you space and makes your bathroom more functional. Next time you are near your neighborhood scratch and dent store, stop in and look around for something simple, clean, and unique. 


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