DIY Project: Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin Centerpiece


This quick and easy DIY project makes a beautiful and simple centerpiece for your fall feast, or a nice decoration for your front porch!


Shopping List: IMG_4447

  • (2) 12-count box wide mouth mason jar lids & bands (or use your own if you have some to spare!)
  • (1) can orange Rust-Oleum Spray Paint & Primer (or any color, get creative!)
  • Twine or orange yarn
  • 4-5 cinnamon sticks (the longer, the better)
  • Scrap newspaper (for spraying lids)


  1. Lay out newspaper outdoors and/or in ventilated area.
  2. Separate the mason jar bands from the lids and line them up approximately 6” apart from one another to allow room for coverage. You won’t need the lids, so feel free to put them aside.
  3. IMG_4451Spray the outside of the bands with spray paint in a sweeping motion, making several passes to ensure complete coverage. Allow to dry before flipping over and spraying the inside of the bands. We recommend a tight, circular motion for the best coverage.
  4. After several hours, the bands should be dry and ready for assembly! Slide the twine through the center of the bands, ensuring all bands are facing the same direction. Tie them together as tight as possible using a box knot. Cut the spare length and tuck the ends in to conceal them from sight.
  5. IMG_4457Gently spread apart the bands to create the pumpkin shape. It might take you a few tries to obtain the round shape- we recommend creating a little tension in the center while arranging the bands as an aid as you spread them apart evenly.
  6. Gather the cinnamon sticks and tie a twine bow tightly around them to create a small bundle. You can also opt to hot glue them together to help them keep their shape.
  7. Place the cinnamon stick bundle in the center and you’re done! Add a burlap or plaid bow for a little decorative flair.

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