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No-Fail Paint Tape: Lock in your edge

edge-lock painter's tape

Them's some sharp paint lines, there.

For your spring painting projects:

There’s a certain magic that goes along with 3M’s Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape. The magic is actually Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector technology developed by 3M. It’s designed to create a defensive barrier that paint cannot seep through and produces super sharp paint lines.

And we mean sharp.

Make sure you buy the right tape for your project with this paint tape selector.

Driving Small Screws In Tight Places

Driving screws without a magnetic screwdriver in tight places like under the counter can be a pain. We found a solution involving saran wrap. Prepare to be schooled.

Choosing Blinds: In-house help!

architella hunter douglas blinds

Alustra Duette Architella Blinds by Hunter Douglas

Picking out the right blinds for your home can be a tricky process—don’t even get us started on window measuring!

To help take out the guesswork, our interior designer Roslyn Ashford of ra reDoes rooms will be keeping Saturday office hours at our Tenleytown and Logan Circle locations starting February.

Bring in an interior pic of your windows and spend some time going over the custom Hunter Douglas options we carry. While you’re there, schedule a house call to get your windows measured.

Or, email pics (with name & phone number) ahead of time to redo[at]rarooms[dot]com.

p.s. There are a number of energy-savings rebates going on through Hunter Douglas so if new blinds are in the cards for you, this is a GREAT time to purchase.

Office Hours Schedule: 10 am-2 pm

2/19 Tenleytown Ace Hardware, 4500 Wisconsin Ave. NW

3/5 Logan Hardware, 1416 P St. NW

Can’t make it to the store? Call for a free in-home consultation. 202-670-2434

The Magic of the Level

crooked shelves

Ruh Roh. These people sure could have used a level.

Have a problem with crooked shelves, mirrors and art? All that head tilting will only leave you with a crick in your neck. Stop eye balling your wall hangings and whip out a level. It’s kind of magic. And almost a fun game to center the little air bubble. We like this one:

black and decker level

Black and Decker's Accu-Mark Level (2191724, 29.99) measures levels horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Get Your Gift On

A Few Cool Hardware Stores has some fun gift ideas for ya this year*–from pop-up kid and pet tents to digital camera binoculars. 

After-Thanksgiving Sale prices are listed below. (11.26 – 11.28 Sale extended through Sunday 12/5!). Prices go back to normal after the sale. While supplies last! (See even more products here)

*Product selection may vary by store. Call your neighborhood Ace to check stock!


Kid's Pop-Up Tent (9149717) / $14.99

Pop-Up Pet Kennel (8294241) / $9.99

Air Hockey Tabletop (8294019) / $17.99

DeWalt Cordless Drill (2209617) / $89.99 after rebate

The Sharper Image Digital Binoculars (8294001) / $24.99

Dremel Tools (2101459) / $9.99

Foosball Tabletop (8294027) / $17.99

Char-Broil Patio Bistro Infrared Grill (8269227) / $99.99

Lazy Susan (6193171) / $9.99

Stanley Multi-Tool (2302115) / $4.99

Photo Coasters (6193544) / $4.99

Shop Vac (2301885) / $29.99 after rebate

Portable Fabric Steamer (6193189) / $9.99

Mercury Thermostat Recycling Here!

mercury thermostat

Don't throw mercury thermostats away. Recycle with us.

We’ve partnered with Covanta Energy to expand our recycling program to include mercury-switch thermostats. Just drop off your old mercury thermostat at any store location at no charge. That’s all.  We’ll take care of the rest. (Meaning we’ll ship the mercury materials to Thermostat Recycling Corporation for proper disposal.)

A couple things:

1. Thermostats turned in for recycling should be intact (thermostats leaking mercury aren’t accepted).

2. We can only accept mercury thermostats and not any other product that contains mercury.

Reason to recycle mercury thermostats: Mercury is a heavy metal that  presents a health hazard to humans and animals both through immediate contact but also when not disposed of properly and subsequently released into an ecosystem. Mercury has been almost completely removed from the trash, but is still found in some items, such as thermostats.


October Steals – Clean and Compostable

October Steals

We love our October Steals! There are one hundred million things to do with a Magic Eraser, and everyone should have at least 10 laying around (hint hint: stocking stuffers). You can clean the inside of your crock pot OR your car tires with this guy.

Compostable kitchen trash bags are an eco-friendly way to dispose of trash you can’t recycle–they completely fragment and disintegrate in 12 to 24 months in a landfill.

And hand sanitizer, well, it’s just handy — especially as flu season approaches and we start planning our holiday travel with all those germs flying in the air. Not that we’re germ-o-phobes here.  Oh wait…

Free Smoke Alarm Batteries

ace 9-volt battery

Get one of these free when you turn in your old smoke alarm battery.

To do our bit during National Fire Prevention Week, we’ll give you a free 9-volt battery when you turn in your old smoke alarm battery at any of our stores.*

Why change your smoke alarm battery?

According to the National Fire Prevention Association (, in more than half of the reported home fires in which smoke alarms were present but did not operate, batteries were either missing or disconnected.

While you’re changing the battery and testing your smoke-alarm this month, there are some other things you can do in preparation for the winter season when incidences of home fires tend to increase:

  • Test (or buy) fire extinguishers
  • Inspect plugs and wires for damage
  • Map out and practice a home-evacuation route.

Be safe. Be well.

*Offer is good today through 10/9/10, applies to the battery shown above (sku: 32116), 3 per person, no purchase necessary.

Brita Saves the Date

Brita water filter

Brita Filtration Systems: Not just for drinking anymore. 6063986 / $24.99

One morning last week, 5th Street Ace Hardware associate Jacqui, woke up to no water. Blame it on the heat wave. Blame it on DC. This wouldn’ t have been a total crisis for Jacqui (she’s a low maintenance gal and we love her for it), except there was this date she’d planned for the night. A first date. And second-day hair just won’t do, as she’s not only a hardware genius, she’s also a brilliant hair stylist. (Represent!)

What’s a girl to do?

Well, Jacqui sat for a moment and contemplated. Go second-day hair all the way. Bike to work and stick her head under the faucet in the employee bathroom. (Mmmm, no.) Thirst ensued over her deliberation, and she quickly remembered the FULL Brita water pitcher in her fridge. It would be cold water, but it would do. And after a few stifling 100+-degree days, what a relief.

With head over the bath and pitcher in hand, Jacqui’s shampoo technique was a study in water conservation that these guys would applaud:  Just enough to wet her hair. A nice lather. Another trickle to rinse (no conditioner) and still enough for tooth brushing.

Look at those shiny Brita locks!

Just another inventive Ace employee doing what she does.

Other ways to conserve water.

Products that can help:

  1. Low-flow shower head. (WaterPik’s EcoFlow, 4302915, $29.99)
  2. Outdoor irrigation systems w/timer. (Ace Electronic Water Timer, 7198476, $44.99)

July Super Sale

july super sale products
Whether it’s a buying a home or purchasing everyday home-maintenance products, now’s the time. We’ve priced these three items to move! Stock up in July while prices are low.

SureStart Utility Lighter:   SALE: $2.99
Retail: $5.99 / sku: 4168084

Lysol Kitchen Cleaner (32oz):   SALE: $1.99
Retail: $3.49 / sku: 1366095

Mardi Gras Paper Towels:    SALE: $ .99
Retail: $1.99 / sku: 162044