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How to: Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

From The Washington Post’s home and garden tip of the week, June 30, 2011

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture  by Megan Buerger

Plastic Furniture: Add a few drops of mild dishwashing soap to a small bucket of water. Dip a clean cloth into the bucket and wipe down the furniture until the dirt and mildew is gone.

Aluminum Furniture: Add a mild dishwashing soap to water and wipe down with a cloth. To get rid of scuff marks, use a damp cloth and a small amount of Soft Scrub, as abrasive cleaners and brushes could scratch. Also, it might be helpful to use a toothbrush when scrubbing out any creases or seams the furniture piece has. After you’ve rinsed it off, wipe the surface dry with a new cloth. Although aluminum furniture doesn’t rust, it can oxidize and take on a cloudy sheen.

Wicker Furniture: Add a mild oil-base soap, like Murphy Oil Soap, to a bucket of water and stir. Dip a soft scrubber brush into the bucket and gently scrub the furniture down. To save time, hose down every few weeks to prevent dirt buildup in crevices.

Wrought-Iron Furniture: Follow the same procedure as the plastic furniture. If the pieces still need work, they may need to be lightly sanded. Many manufacturers will include a touch-up paint kit with the furniture as well. For extra precaution, cover the pieces with plastic to protect it from the elements when you’re away from home.

Teak Furniture: Use a soft scrubber brush dampened with water and a mild oil based soap. Scrub until clean.

No-Fail Paint Tape: Lock in your edge

edge-lock painter's tape

Them's some sharp paint lines, there.

For your spring painting projects:

There’s a certain magic that goes along with 3M’s Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape. The magic is actually Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector technology developed by 3M. It’s designed to create a defensive barrier that paint cannot seep through and produces super sharp paint lines.

And we mean sharp.

Make sure you buy the right tape for your project with this paint tape selector.

Driving Small Screws In Tight Places

Driving screws without a magnetic screwdriver in tight places like under the counter can be a pain. We found a solution involving saran wrap. Prepare to be schooled.

Ladies’ Night: Makeover Madness

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A Stand for Every Tree

Wondering what kind of tree stand to buy? There’s pretty much a model for any kind of tree. Here’s a down-and-dirty product line up to help you choose.

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tree stand artificial

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tree stand resin

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tree stand steel

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tree stand genie XXL

The XXL Tree Stand (9106097/$99.99)

Forcing Bulbs & Fall Planting Sale

forcing bulbs

These make a purdy holiday gift.

For our Fall Planting Day at Glover Park Hardware on Saturday 9/25, we put together a handy how-to on forcing bulbs, which, by the way, make gorgeous holiday gifts.

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Back-To-School Checklist

back to school checklist/ Carlos Porto photo

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