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Cutest. Dog. Ever.

otis with wigzi purse

Otis loves his "purse."

This is actually the Lock n’ Play toy from Wigzi (WG0005 $11.99). We’ve talked about it before, but this pic was too good to pass up.

Toys come in small, medium and large. Prices range from 6.99 to 11.99. Treats sold separately. Please call your closest store to check stock. DC only.

Lock In the Puppy Love

lock n play dog toys

Lock n Play Dog Toys - Made in USA!

We’re not sure if the makers of this dog toy meant for it to smell like cupcakes, but we do know the Washington, DC-based Wigzi intended to make a non-toxic and chewable toy for pups that doesn’t smell like rubber and that house treats inside. They’re also eco-friendly and animals adore them.

Toys come in small, medium and large. Prices range from 6.99 to 11.99. Treats sold separately. Please call your closest store to check stock. DC only.

Hey Baltimore: Come Adopt A Pet!

recycled rescue pet adoption

Dogs looking for a home. From left: Goober, Duffy, Little Mae, Chelsey, Bear

Federal Hill Ace is hosting Adopt-A-Pet Day on Saturday 4/30/11 from 12-2pm. Recycled Love Rescue will be here with a pup or two and tons of info on the adoption process.

Recycled Love rescues animals from abuse, injury, neglect and abandonment. If you can’t adopt, the organization has both fostering and sponsoring programs for their dog and cats.

BUT if you adopt one of their animals before 5.31.11, we’ll give you 30% off your first purchase of pet supplies. Right. On.

When a Snuggie Just Won’t Do

There’s the Gemmy Stocking Blanket. The ultimate Stocking Stuffer! [heh heh]

Gemmy Stocking Blanket

Snuggies are so last year.

Available at DC stores: 9169863/$24.99

Pet-Friendly Holiday Home

holiday pets
We love our holiday decor, but for those of us with pets, be careful with some seemingly benign items that can be very dangerous to FiFi & Fido. Some things to keep an eye on (or simply keep out of the house): (Click here for full more details.)

Plants: Potted bulbs in lily family, Mistletoe, Misteltoe berries, Holly, basalm, pine, Poinsettia

Household items: Tinsel, styrofoam, batteries, chocolate, antifreeze, rock salt made of calcium chloride

Get Your Gift On

A Few Cool Hardware Stores has some fun gift ideas for ya this year*–from pop-up kid and pet tents to digital camera binoculars. 

After-Thanksgiving Sale prices are listed below. (11.26 – 11.28 Sale extended through Sunday 12/5!). Prices go back to normal after the sale. While supplies last! (See even more products here)

*Product selection may vary by store. Call your neighborhood Ace to check stock!


Kid's Pop-Up Tent (9149717) / $14.99

Pop-Up Pet Kennel (8294241) / $9.99

Air Hockey Tabletop (8294019) / $17.99

DeWalt Cordless Drill (2209617) / $89.99 after rebate

The Sharper Image Digital Binoculars (8294001) / $24.99

Dremel Tools (2101459) / $9.99

Foosball Tabletop (8294027) / $17.99

Char-Broil Patio Bistro Infrared Grill (8269227) / $99.99

Lazy Susan (6193171) / $9.99

Stanley Multi-Tool (2302115) / $4.99

Photo Coasters (6193544) / $4.99

Shop Vac (2301885) / $29.99 after rebate

Portable Fabric Steamer (6193189) / $9.99

BOO! Are you ready for Halloween season?


spider web halloween decor

$2.99 / SKU: 9130964


Are you ready for Halloween? If you don’t have this super scary spider webbing, we’re thinking no. We also have real and faux pumpkins, carving kits, pumpkin leaf bags, orange string lights, buttons, dog toys – pretty much everything to drive evil spirits away and the festive spirits in this season.

October Steals – Clean and Compostable

October Steals

We love our October Steals! There are one hundred million things to do with a Magic Eraser, and everyone should have at least 10 laying around (hint hint: stocking stuffers). You can clean the inside of your crock pot OR your car tires with this guy.

Compostable kitchen trash bags are an eco-friendly way to dispose of trash you can’t recycle–they completely fragment and disintegrate in 12 to 24 months in a landfill.

And hand sanitizer, well, it’s just handy — especially as flu season approaches and we start planning our holiday travel with all those germs flying in the air. Not that we’re germ-o-phobes here.  Oh wait…

Dog’s Best Friend: Crazy Critters

A Few Cool Hardware Stores’ buyer Robbie adopted Otis, an adorable Beagle-Basset, this past winter. Not quite crate trained and not too happy to be alone for the day, Otis took out his frustration in many ways, including destroying anything plush in about two seconds–and then losing interest.

One day, Robbie came home to this:

Otis loves his stuffing.

Look ma! No hands!

Then Robbie came across the Crazy Critter Fox — yup, that “As Seen on TV” toy with no stuffing. That meant no mess, and two squeakers meant twice the fun of typical plush dog toys.

But what did Otis think?

otis with fox

Otis hearts Fox.

Several months later, Otis is still carrying around his fox on a daily basis! And he’s gone from being in the crate during the day to lounging around like this:

otis on bed with fox

Besties forever.

And that is a much better scene to come home to!

The Crazy Critter Fox (SKU 6194401) and the Crazy Critter Raccoon (SKU 6194419) are available for $9.99.

We clearly like dogs as much as we like humans, so bring your pooch on over for a free dog treat and to check our entire pet section.

ace mardi gras

Gratuitous Ace plug.