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2010 Color Trends: Charcoal is the new black.

From Ace’s merchandising department:

Color for 2010 is sophisticated, organic, and contemporary yet comforting. According to World Global Style Network, the tinted, shadowy colors inspire a romantic mood with overtones of drama. Dense darks create mystery and a desire for hibernation.

Here is a recap of what to expect in the 2010 season:

  • Dark charcoal replaces true black.
  • Grays are tinted with blue, green and mauve for a new take on neutrals.
  • Greens turn more gray and to oceanic blue-greens. You will also see brighter spearmint greens.
  • Intense indigo-ink blue and gray-tinted blues are important.
  • Rich purples are tinted with gray or brighter blue. Dark mauves have an almost brown cast and pale tones are washed out or metallic-inspired.
  • True yellow is replaced with nature-inspired tones of corn and wheat. Browns and oranges are organic and earth-based.
  • Color-washed pales are pretty and clean with a hint of nostalgia.
  • Super-bright red with an orange cast is important, as are raspberry and watermelon.
  • Highlights of neon pink and bright lime are used across many palettes to add a modern aesthetic.
  • Another important trend is using bright colors on accent pieces like chairs and side tables.

Stay tuned for our painting DIY video with Kendra at Tenleytown Ace Hardware.