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Urban Hardware Stores Rule

Ladies’ Night: Makeover Madness

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Brita Saves the Date

Brita water filter

Brita Filtration Systems: Not just for drinking anymore. 6063986 / $24.99

One morning last week, 5th Street Ace Hardware associate Jacqui, woke up to no water. Blame it on the heat wave. Blame it on DC. This wouldn’ t have been a total crisis for Jacqui (she’s a low maintenance gal and we love her for it), except there was this date she’d planned for the night. A first date. And second-day hair just won’t do, as she’s not only a hardware genius, she’s also a brilliant hair stylist. (Represent!)

What’s a girl to do?

Well, Jacqui sat for a moment and contemplated. Go second-day hair all the way. Bike to work and stick her head under the faucet in the employee bathroom. (Mmmm, no.) Thirst ensued over her deliberation, and she quickly remembered the FULL Brita water pitcher in her fridge. It would be cold water, but it would do. And after a few stifling 100+-degree days, what a relief.

With head over the bath and pitcher in hand, Jacqui’s shampoo technique was a study in water conservation that these guys would applaud:  Just enough to wet her hair. A nice lather. Another trickle to rinse (no conditioner) and still enough for tooth brushing.

Look at those shiny Brita locks!

Just another inventive Ace employee doing what she does.

Other ways to conserve water.

Products that can help:

  1. Low-flow shower head. (WaterPik’s EcoFlow, 4302915, $29.99)
  2. Outdoor irrigation systems w/timer. (Ace Electronic Water Timer, 7198476, $44.99)