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2nd Annual LADIES NIGHT, Feb 7, 2012

PSA: Cute little kitties need a home.

cat adoption

Meet Oreo and Daisy. They are cute and like to play.

Looking to adopt two of the cutest felines in the entire world? You must meet Oreo and Daisy. More animal adoption possibilities in June at 5th Street Ace’s pet adoption day and in Baltimore on July 17 (Federal Hill Ace) and 24 (Waverly Ace).

We So Handy

During Snowmageddon 2010: Part I, we ran out of shovels. (You can’t blame us. When does DC Metro ever get more than 3 inches at a time?)  Our buyer, Robbie, hastily ordered more, and Jeremy, the manager at 5th Street Ace, decided to try his hand at making one himself. In between answering frantic phones and calming frenzied customers, he cobbled together a prototype that, we have to admit, is pretty awesome. We, of course, filmed the project and set it to music. It’s fun. It’s silly. And it’s a good indication of just how handy our staff is.

[Yes, we’re a little late getting this movie together (four months to be exact), but perfection takes time.]

5 Closet Organization Tips

Schulte freedomRail storage system is 30% off in February at 5th Street Ace.

The French have an expression: Moins est plus. Less is more. And that is the foundation for most home-decluttering ventures.  Get rid of what you don’t need, wear or use. (Rule of thumb: If you haven’t thought about it, or worn it in six months (or even three), hand it over to good will or consignment.)

Once you’ve got your stuff to a manageable and useful pile, what to do? ORGANIZE. That was the theme of our Tuesday workshop @ 5th Street Ace with Roslyn Ashford, interior designer and home-staging pro. If you missed it (we had a great turn out with wine and snacks!), here are some of her tips for getting your digs together for 2010:

This is what one of our fun workshops looks like!

Supplies: Measuring tape, pencil, paper

1. Divide your closet into zones: Areas for hanging long and short items, shelves & drawers, shoes, accessories. (Accessories for men–ties, belts, caps. Women–purses, bags, belts, scarves, hats.

2. Measure these zones so you know how much room you’re dealing with.

3. Also weasure all the walls, not just the ones wherne you think your clothes will go. Pay attention to depth, height and closet door opening.

4. Plot the structure, placing the zones into walls in your space. Start with the longest wall for hainging, then shelves & drawers, then shoes.

5. Once the structure is complete, finish with closet accessories for your accessories. These can be clear drawers, scarf hangers, dividers.

Additional items you’ll want to consider:

  • Hangers
  • Full-length mirros
  • Proper lighting
  • Bureau for underwear, socks, pajamas
  • Seating if you have a walk in
  • Color for interior walls

Holiday Sale at 5th Street Ace

Still working through holiday decor and gift ideas? If so, stop by 5th Street Ace on Saturday 12/12. As part of the community holiday shopping event, we’re having 25% off all holiday merchandise, free hot coffee and tea, coupons, donuts in the morning, cookies in the afternoon and a full day of holiday cheer!

Oh, and vote for your favorite employee-made ornament and you’re entered to win a $25 Ace gift card!

What’s on sale:

Artificial trees and wreathes
Tree stands
Handmade ornaments (hammers and tools – so cute!)
LED lights
Chanukah candles and CRAYONS!
Chew toys (Dreidels, Santas, Snowmen)
Wrapping paper
Snowflake window decals
3-D glasses (very important when looking at holiday lights)
Holiday music
Pine cones
Extension cords
Cookie cutters in Chanukah shapes