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Logan Hardware Celebrates 10 Years in Logan Circle

Logan Hardware Celebrates 10 Years in Logan Circle

It’s been 10 years since “A Few Cool Hardware Stores” was first established in Washington, D.C.’s Logan Circle, and has since expanded to nine stores throughout the D.C. and Baltimore area. Please join us for a celebration on Saturday, March 2 at Logan Hardware on 1416 P St. NW. Aside from the raffle prizes, snacks, and wine, we will be offering 20% off the entire store all day long! Plus, a VIP reception from 5-8pm just for you with gourmet appetizers, live music, and more! RSVP today at PARTY@ACEHARDWAREDC.COM. We look forward to seeing you there!

Get Your Gift On

A Few Cool Hardware Stores has some fun gift ideas for ya this year*–from pop-up kid and pet tents to digital camera binoculars. 

After-Thanksgiving Sale prices are listed below. (11.26 – 11.28 Sale extended through Sunday 12/5!). Prices go back to normal after the sale. While supplies last! (See even more products here)

*Product selection may vary by store. Call your neighborhood Ace to check stock!


Kid's Pop-Up Tent (9149717) / $14.99

Pop-Up Pet Kennel (8294241) / $9.99

Air Hockey Tabletop (8294019) / $17.99

DeWalt Cordless Drill (2209617) / $89.99 after rebate

The Sharper Image Digital Binoculars (8294001) / $24.99

Dremel Tools (2101459) / $9.99

Foosball Tabletop (8294027) / $17.99

Char-Broil Patio Bistro Infrared Grill (8269227) / $99.99

Lazy Susan (6193171) / $9.99

Stanley Multi-Tool (2302115) / $4.99

Photo Coasters (6193544) / $4.99

Shop Vac (2301885) / $29.99 after rebate

Portable Fabric Steamer (6193189) / $9.99

Dog’s Best Friend: Crazy Critters

A Few Cool Hardware Stores’ buyer Robbie adopted Otis, an adorable Beagle-Basset, this past winter. Not quite crate trained and not too happy to be alone for the day, Otis took out his frustration in many ways, including destroying anything plush in about two seconds–and then losing interest.

One day, Robbie came home to this:

Otis loves his stuffing.

Look ma! No hands!

Then Robbie came across the Crazy Critter Fox — yup, that “As Seen on TV” toy with no stuffing. That meant no mess, and two squeakers meant twice the fun of typical plush dog toys.

But what did Otis think?

otis with fox

Otis hearts Fox.

Several months later, Otis is still carrying around his fox on a daily basis! And he’s gone from being in the crate during the day to lounging around like this:

otis on bed with fox

Besties forever.

And that is a much better scene to come home to!

The Crazy Critter Fox (SKU 6194401) and the Crazy Critter Raccoon (SKU 6194419) are available for $9.99.

We clearly like dogs as much as we like humans, so bring your pooch on over for a free dog treat and to check our entire pet section.

ace mardi gras

Gratuitous Ace plug.

The Obamas Heart Ace

obamas, ace hardware

Somebody went shopping!

I mean, we knew the Michelle and Barack have amazing style, but this is just awesome!

[More pics from A Few Cool Hardware Stores’ summer party at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. See your favorite employees mingle with your favorite celebs!]

Karma & Customer Service

smiling Gina Schaefer

Gina Schaefer, owner, A Few Cool Hardware Stores. She smiles. A lot.

I’ve been mulling over a couple of things related to customer service and human interaction over the past several weeks.  It started when I smiled at a couple on the street as I was coming out of the garage where Marc and I park our car.  I smiled, made a right to continue walking to our condo and all of a sudden heard a woman saying, “Excuse me, excuse me”.  When I turned around, it was the young woman I had smiled at.  She said,  “That was so nice of you to smile at us, no one does that anymore.”  I was shocked.  I’m from the Midwest, so smiling comes so naturally to me that I probably always walk around downtown with a grin on my face.

Two days ago, I met with a friend and local business owner who said that I had “created a monster” because, for seven years now, we have trained our customers to expect the best service possible –treating people well, whether you’re passing them on the street or helping them find the right drill, is fundamental.  And when they don’t receive what they’ve come to expect, they get very angry with us and hold it against us.

Fast forward 24 hours: I received an email from an upset customer, who professed to having  a great experience at one of our stores, which was unfortunately followed up by a negative experience. He finished his email by saying that he and his friends would never shop with us again. Boom. Done and done. Just like that. No chance to make things right. Which is confounding, because it makes me think of Home Depot, a business that is notorious for their below-average customer service. But people accept that about them and are willingly to shop there anyway. It’s frustrating to be black balled by a customer for one negative interaction knowing he’ll probably head to a Big Box competitor where he’ll be lucky to find someone to simply point him down the right aisle. A very good lesson in what my friend said earlier about customer service expectations.

Finally, another 24 hours pass and I find out that our stores were used in a training session for another local business. The business owner explained to his managers and team members that if they wanted to practice good customer service, they should visit one of  A Few Cool Hardware Stores.

Just some musings here. Some days we lose, but some days we win big. And that’s OK.