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Ew. Moisture.

Damprid hanging moisture absorber

Hanging Moisture Absorber 7095375/$6.99

Dang if it isn’t a little moist out there.  It’s been raining a bit – for sure. This is great for the trees and GARDENS (Yay! Garden time!) —  maybe even your skin — but bad for things home-related. To counteract all this dew, some products that might just help:

(You can find them at our stores. Just ask)

Damprid: Lots of moisture absorbing products including the hanging moisture absorbers (catchy huh?) show above.

Fresh Wave: Candles, pearls, spray for odor control

Dehumidifiers and Fans:  Dry up that moisture for good! We carry a number of brands including Air-O-Swiss and Dyson.

Kilz paint: Cover up dried water stains — though make sure the source of your water damage is repaired first!