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twin fan

Lasko Twin Fan $49.44 (6065874)

Oh hai SUMMER. (You’re 21 days early, dontcha know.)

Given this premature heat wave, we’re thinking you might need Lasko’s Twin Fan in your home. It allows for air intake, exhaust and exchange, is whisper quiet, and has an adjustable thermostat. We have lots of other fans, too, and one air multiplier (Dyson is so fancy). Some stores have AC units. All stores have water.

Stay cool. Stay dehydrated cause it’s not getting any cooler!

Ew. Moisture.

Damprid hanging moisture absorber

Hanging Moisture Absorber 7095375/$6.99

Dang if it isn’t a little moist out there.  It’s been raining a bit – for sure. This is great for the trees and GARDENS (Yay! Garden time!) —  maybe even your skin — but bad for things home-related. To counteract all this dew, some products that might just help:

(You can find them at our stores. Just ask)

Damprid: Lots of moisture absorbing products including the hanging moisture absorbers (catchy huh?) show above.

Fresh Wave: Candles, pearls, spray for odor control

Dehumidifiers and Fans:  Dry up that moisture for good! We carry a number of brands including Air-O-Swiss and Dyson.

Kilz paint: Cover up dried water stains — though make sure the source of your water damage is repaired first!