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Hey! That’s my drink!

vacuvin party people wine glass markers

The party is right here kids.

We are a little in love with VacuVin’s Glass Markers Party People (they suction to any smooth surface)  not only because they make the *perfect* hostess gift for less than $10 ($8.99!), but also because they come in 12 different personalities that you match up to your guests including:

Cool, sneaky, naughty, veggie, mysterious, macho, jolly, honest, devilish, deep, curious & cuddly. (Hopefully you’ve only invited one Jersey Shore cast member, or else you’re looking at an arm wrestling contest for the macho character.)

They’re colorful, they’re fun and as the web site purports, they’ll stick around longer than most guests.

Wine charms are so 2004.

Dust off your party shoes!

Pull the sequins from the back of the closet because it’s time to party! Join MidCity friends, neighbors and store owners on Monday December 7, 2009, 6 to 9 p.m. We’ll be celebrating the holidays at Local 16 with dinner, open bar and a silent auction. All for $25. Anyone and everyone is invited and all proceeds go to the MidCity Business Association and their wonderful efforts to bring local shopping and living to a whole new level.