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SALE! Starts tomorrow, July 1st.

SALE July 1-4Oh yeah. Let the deals begin! ALL STORES.

Tools (Select DeWalt & Craftsman)
Patio & Lawn Furniture (Portable gazebo, canopy chairs, solar lights)
Pest Control
Lawn & Garden (bird food!)
Car Wash & Wax
and, of course, a US Flag set (sku: 8268419) for $9.99 after rebate

Click here for a full listing of sale items and prices.

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Spring Spruce Up – Baltimore Stores

Ace Spring Spruce Flyer

Don’t miss our Spring Spruce Up sale at the Baltimore stores. Here’s the circular for a taste of the deals (click link below). You’ll be seeing it in your mailbox soon (if you haven’t already)!


2010 Color Trends: Charcoal is the new black.

From Ace’s merchandising department:

Color for 2010 is sophisticated, organic, and contemporary yet comforting. According to World Global Style Network, the tinted, shadowy colors inspire a romantic mood with overtones of drama. Dense darks create mystery and a desire for hibernation.

Here is a recap of what to expect in the 2010 season:

  • Dark charcoal replaces true black.
  • Grays are tinted with blue, green and mauve for a new take on neutrals.
  • Greens turn more gray and to oceanic blue-greens. You will also see brighter spearmint greens.
  • Intense indigo-ink blue and gray-tinted blues are important.
  • Rich purples are tinted with gray or brighter blue. Dark mauves have an almost brown cast and pale tones are washed out or metallic-inspired.
  • True yellow is replaced with nature-inspired tones of corn and wheat. Browns and oranges are organic and earth-based.
  • Color-washed pales are pretty and clean with a hint of nostalgia.
  • Super-bright red with an orange cast is important, as are raspberry and watermelon.
  • Highlights of neon pink and bright lime are used across many palettes to add a modern aesthetic.
  • Another important trend is using bright colors on accent pieces like chairs and side tables.

Stay tuned for our painting DIY video with Kendra at Tenleytown Ace Hardware.

Mom Made Foods Loves Mythic Paint


We filmed our first commercial at 5th Street Ace Hardware a couple months ago with Mom Made Foods owner Heather Stouffer and her family, Craig (the big guy) and Emory (the little guy). Ty and Jeremy helped them choose and mix their colors–Yellow Duckling for the main walls and Buttercream for an accent wall. See how pretty:


A nursery is born with Mythic paint.


The antique framed print is actual wrapping paper from a boutique.

Since then, baby Audrey was born into a healthy, non-toxic environment with a doting big bro!

See how easy these kids are breathing? Mythic is magical!